All you need to know about 

Geminids meteor shower 2023 

Quick Tutorial for Beginners

120 wishes per hour! Witness up to 120 dazzling Geminids streak across the sky at peak (Dec 14th), one of the highest rates of any shower.

Colorful gems: Geminids boast vibrant trails of green, red, and blue, thanks to their unique composition of dust from asteroid Phaethon.

No telescope needed: Unlike some showers, the Geminids are best enjoyed with the naked eye, just find a dark spot away from city lights.

Family-friendly show: Catch the peak after sunset (around 9 pm) for optimal viewing, perfect for a starry night out with loved ones.

Bonus shower: The Ursids follow the Geminids, peaking December 22nd with up to 10 meteors per hour – double the celestial fun!

Moon-free magic: Enjoy the Geminids at their best this year, as a new moon won't steal their thunder!

Wishes on fireballs: Geminids are known for producing spectacular fireballs, meteors that outshine planets – make a wish for an extra-special spark!

So grab a blanket, some hot cocoa, and head outside for a dazzling display of nature's fireworks!

1. Naked eye viewing